A short puzzle game about rotating the sockets in each level so each plug get inside them.

Originally designed for the Trijam with the theme "You are the power source". I didn't make to develop the game in three hours so I decided to submit it to the Weekly Jam with the theme "In the dark".

Things to do...

  • Put music into the game.
  • Fix a bug that can block Level 4 (be careful!). Or at least allow players to restart the level pressing R.
  • Include more puzzles.
  • ( ! ) Implement Undo (Z) mechanic.
  • Implement a Right Mouse Button mechanic.
  • Put more juice in the game (visual effects (VFX)).
  • Create animations of the plugs penetrating into the sockets.

made by

@mapedorr ( a.k.a. carenalga )

@mapedorr { a.k.a. carenalga }


Godot Engine

Godot Engine

StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
TagsGodot, Pixel Art


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Nombreh, pa' que le digo que no me lo goce si si lo hice :v que simple y guapo

Gracias mijo. Me alegra que se lo haya gozado, eso me anima a seguir trabajando en más cosas para el juego.


Sounds : 10/10 . 

I like the idea behind the game. i just couldn't get past i guess it was level 3 even if there are steps remaining. You should add a hint button which makes the right move when activated and add a limitation to it like user can only take 1 hint in one game. idk. 

all in!
all happy

<3 love the sounds

hahahaha... thanks to your teachings, maese Juan.