You play as a male bird-of-paradise and your goal is to prepare everything for your mating ritual, that is dancing, but before that, you have to make sure the dance floor is completely clean.

This is just one of many other mini-games the full version of the game will have showing a bird's life cycle.

Other Stage Ideas:

  • Dance: This is your moment! You have to dance correctly to get the attention of a female.
  • Hide the egg: You will hide the egg in different places facing consequences until it is put into a safe place.
  •  Hatch the egg: You have to keep the egg warm to keep it from dying and assuring it will get out to the world.
  • Learn your moves: When the bird is adult you will have to learn different dance move to be prepared for the great moment.

How to play

  • SWIPE to clean the leafs and sticks that fall on the ground.
  • CLICK on flowers and mushrooms to break them before cleaning them with a SWIPE.

Made by

  • Juan García (@QuietGecko / SoundCloud) - Music, SFX, art and programming.
  • Mateo Robayo (@mapedorr / Behance) - Art and programming.


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Pajaronorreo - Linux - v0.1.0.zip 20 MB


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A simple and fun little game, I especially like the music. I think that full game idea sounds really fun.