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Why I can't finish race? is this a bug or something.

We couldn't finish that part on time 😅
We want to publish a post jam version soon with the victory screen.

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Awesome! You're used to the speed and to be the first one, but with this game, the strategy changes everything. Love the concept!

Thanks! It is good to know you liked the concept.

Yey!!! that was the intention. Thanks for giving it a try and giving us a comment. We're glad you liked the concept. Do you think we should keep working on it? Maybe new tracks or new mechanics?

Great music man, really fit the vibe of the game. The movement is very slick, I had a confused moment in the beginning because I didnt know which car is mine, but the race went very well, the AI for other cars could definitely be ramped up for a more challenging stage. Great entry!

Thanks for playing it, we're glad you liked it. We'll try to improve the AI in a later (post jam) version.

I wish I could try it out!

We uploaded the build in github:
please check it out